What precautions should I take after I am home?

Your surgeon will provide post-operative instructions regarding diet, rest and medications. The center will provide you with a written summary of these instructions. We suggest that you pamper yourself for the first 24 hours following surgery, and arrange for an adult friend or relative to stay with you.

Since it is normal to feel drowsy after receiving an anesthetic, we also recommend that you postpone the following activities for 24 hours after discharge:

  • Driving and operating equipment
  • Signing important papers
  • Making significant decisions
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages or taking any drug without your surgeon's approval

If you have any unexpected problems, please call your surgeon. A nurse from the center will contact you after your surgery to check your progress and answer any questions you might have.

We welcome your suggestions!

The goal of everyone at Lowry Surgery Center is to deliver premium care in an environment most relaxing for the patient. No one is better qualified to measure our success than a former patient. Please complete the confidential Patient Evaluation Form and return it within ten days. This allows us to be made aware of any new concerns or complications.

We recognize that you have a choice when it comes to your surgery.

Thank you for allowing us to provide you with a new standard of excellence.